How To

How To: Become Crunchy

I am crunchy. What is this crunchy? I refer you to other sources for some of the specific details, but it can be boiled down to the natural way is the only way for health, pocketbook, and even the planet.

I am new to the crunchy world, but was already going that direction before I learned the term for, well, someone like me. How did it start? With taking just one crunchy step. One. I can blame my sister for tipping me over the edge. I had always liked the idea of natural products and avoiding unnecessary chemical additives, but it wasn’t a big priority.

Enter anecdotal evidence from someone you trust that major dietary changes can be life-changing in unexpected ways. When this news comes when you’ve already lost weight through diet, and your medication isn’t working the same way it used to and you want to stop taking it, what do you have to lose, other than, you know, those pills you take every day?

I started by reading labels on everything, to avoid certain ingredients in particular. Reading labels is a great way to become crunchy, because you start to see just what’s in the food you’re eating. It’s all downhill from there, and there is no going back.

Once you start dissecting product labels on food, you start looking at product labels on everything else, too. Don’t like something you see? Look up alternatives, and discover there’s a world of natural products you can use, and some of them are very inexpensive or things that might already be in the pantry, so you try it. And it works! Next thing you know, you have a jar of green beans fermenting on the counter, an Amazon shopping cart full of ingredients and supplies for homemade skin care, and peruse Etsy regularly for things to try, because you definitely think there’s merit to the idea that you don’t want to put things on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body. Okay, maybe that’s just me.

I won’t go into just how many ways I’m crunchy, but the list is growing, and I like it. I like being crunchy. It may be weird, but I don’t care. I don’t always start by making my own stuff. I tend to follow a buy it, like it, make it pattern, and only stick with things that are realistic for me. Sometimes they’re easier, cheaper, greener and/or healthier than the commercial products that fill most homes. Honestly, having less trash is a big deal for me, because I have to take the trash out less often (and it has some sort of benefit for landfills, too, I hear).  I can take pride in first knowing how to make natural products and satisfaction in using things I’ve made at home.  Go ahead and try one of those “hippie” products. You might discover that you want to be crunchy, too.