How To

How To Become Catwoman

Once upon a time there was a woman who heard a cat mewing nearby and compassion surged through her. She walked away, but her life had changed forever.

I am a dog person. I grew up with dogs, and I love them. I’ve had my sweet Bichon Frise rescue for over 5 years now, and I love her dearly. She is my baby, my constant companion, and my best friend, and she is largely responsible for what happened in July.

I was in a pet store looking for joint supplements and poop bags for Lucy. As it happened, there was a small room right next to the dog supplies in question with some cages occupied by cats available for adoption. I heard them mewing, as if to say, “Please come say hi to me.” I entered the room, and several of the cats moved toward the front of their cages, hungry for attention, hungry for love. In that moment, my eyes were opened. Shelters are full of cats like this. They may have food and shelter, but they do not have homes.

I left the pet store that day with nothing but the items I went there to purchase. I could not give a cat a home because my apartment complex has pet leases that are for one pet per apartment. A few days later I stopped by to talk to the apartment manager about an issue in my bathroom, and I asked how firm the one pet rule was, to which she responded, “Why? Do you want a cat?” And she said I could have a cat.

Permission granted, I did some research, and made a trip to the shelter just down the road with a cat loving friend. What I found there were two large rooms filled with cats, cats, and more cats. Some of these cats had lived in the shelter for years. Some were quiet, some were shy, and some were bold and friendly. I was standing in one of the rooms, unsure of what to do. I’m a dog person, not a cat person! Then there was a handsome cat who came up to me, and rubbed against my legs. And he rubbed against them more, and I pet him, and he would not leave me alone. I have heard people say about their husband or wife that they “just knew.” Friends, I just knew. In a few minutes, this cat had stolen my heart. After a quick trip to the pet store for some basic cat supplies, I returned, and brought my Thomas home.

I am convinced that cats were meant to be with people. Yes, they are independent, but they can also be wonderful snugglers and quite affectionate. I have transformed, in a matter of a few months (okay, it was more like days), from a dog person into a dog AND cat person. If I had the space and permission, I would continue to adopt animals, because there are so many needing homes. Just last week, the shelter where I got Thomas was adopting out adult black cats for free, and other adult cats for only $25. They really make fantastic indoor pets, and now that I have a cat, I wonder why I never had one before, and think everybody should have a dog or cat or both. Mostly both.

I may be rocking custom cat hair clothes when I go out instead of tight patent leather. I may prefer solid ground to rooves of city skyscrapers. I may pay for things instead of stealing them. I have, however, had a special cat breathe on me and change my life. I opened my heart and my home, and I became Catwoman. Because that just sounds way cooler than crazy cat lady.


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